Monday, October 29, 2012

Introductory Tutorial #05: Revolve & Rail Revolve

One of the joys in using Moment of Inspiration is that it seems to go beyond mere functionality when it comes to features standard to most 3D design packages. 

REVOLVE is common to every 3D package I have ever explored.  In every package, we get the ability to create a profile and then revolve that profile around an axis to create a 3D object.  Moment of Inspiration has that feature without some of the confinements in other packages.  But, it goes well beyond simply revolving circularly around a simple axis. by allowing us to select a RAIL to guide how that revolve is to be performed.  This allows for more interesting and complex revolve results.

It is this kind of versatility that makes Moment of Inspiration a real joy to use.

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