Tuesday, October 9, 2012

MOI Introduction #2: Naming Objects

It may seem odd to immediately jump into a tutorial about the importance of naming objects in Moment of Inspiration so early in the learning curve.  But, there are good reasons for doing so,

Because the basic design strategy is to use 2D drawings to create 3D objects,,, and, these 3D objects often obscure these original 2D drawings, we need a way to access them even when they are obscured.

But, the power of naming goes well beyond that.  It provides a way for us to completely control what objects are ultimately sent to the STL file for printing and which are not.  Very often, we might want to select a single object in a group of objects for printing.  There is no way to do this, beyond completely deleting objects from the design, unless they are named.

So, it's a good idea to understand the importance of naming objects very early in the learning curve to make it second nature as we design,

While it is not the primary focus of this video, we also cover more interface customization capabilities and some 2D to 3D operations like EXTRUDE and REVOLVE as well as the SELECT ALL command.

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