Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Video Response to a User's Question

One of the great things about having the internet and YouTube is that it gives us the ability to answer tough questions very quickly and easily.

A MOI user posted a comment in response to my 2nd tutorial asking a specific question regarding how to do something.  Fortunately for them, it happened that I actually knew that answer!  It could just as easily gone the other way resulting in TWO of us being completely baffled.  LOL!

They wanted to split a single cylinder into two branches like a "Y".  So, here is at least one way to accomplish that task.

I post it here so that others might also benefit.

While it seems simple enough in this video, when we are first faced with learning any 3D application, ALL of us are overwhelmed by completely unfamiliar concepts and tools.  I had NO idea what SWEEP or LOFT were supposed to be able to do when I first started learning Moment of Inspiration. 

So, don't be discouraged.  It will all make sense before long.  :)

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