Friday, October 5, 2012

MOI Intro #01: Setting Preferences

When I first began using Moment of Inspiration, I searched for tutorials suitable for helping me get started.  And, believe me, I needed VERY basic tutorials!

What I found, beyond the three tutorials on the Moment of Inspiration web site, were a lot of videos showing incredibly cool things that can be created with MOI.  And, I also found any number of tutorials without the benefit of supporting narration.  I don't do well trying to follow mouse selections when learning a new product.  I need someone to talk to me.  :)

So, now that I have been using MOI for awhile, I thought I would create the kinds of tutorials that I had been hoping to find.   Simple and narrated.

The first tutorial, in a new series of introductory videos covering the basics of Moment of Inspiration, is now on YouTube.

Setting up our working environment to best suit our preferences is very important to getting the most out of Moment of Inspiration.  Customizing the grid and the Axis lines is covered.

Using the Split Views and Full Views is also described.

I look forward to hearing from you for feedback to help me deliver the kind of help you would like to see.  You can comment here or on YouTube.  Together, I think we can move much more quickly into doing incredible things with Moment of Inspiration.

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