Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Welcome to the Moment of Inspiration User Blog

Moment of Inspiration (MOI) is a unique 3D design application.  It combines some of the precision capabilities of a Computer Aided Design (CAD) program with some of the more free flowing design capabilities of the more organic 3D design applications.  And, it packages all this power in an interface that I have found to be relatively easy compared to other 3D packages.

While I am by no means an expert in MOI, I have come to really appreciate it.  This blog is dedicated to helping people explore Moment of Inspiration during the free trial period and quickly get up to speed should they select it as their 3D design application of choice.  Hopefully, all of us with get better, together, as we explore all that MOI can do for us.

My principle use of MOI is to create items to print on either a RapMan 3.2 or Cube 3D printer.  So, the tutorials will primarily reflect that purpose.

In the near future, I plan to create some tutorials specifically related to learning Moment of Inspiration.

But, in the process of exploring 3D printing, I created some videos that incorporated MOI as the design platform.  So, we'll get started with this blog by posting those.


While this is technically NOT a tutorial, it does demonstrate an object that was created using MOI (beta 3.0) and printed on a 3D printer.  The great news is that MOI is so powerful that this was done in a very short design session using the "Twist" function.


The Cube 3D Printer uses a cartridge based filament feed system.  This video demonstrates creating three different versions of a 3D printed rack to hold spare Cube cartridges.  Once again, MOI's power to be both precise and easy to use made this task a real joy.


This video demonstrates creating an STL file that is designed to test a 3D printer's accuracy.  It's important that we print test objects with a new 3D printer to see how each individual printer might interpret and print a particular dimension.  If we want a specific inner or outer size, we may need to design smaller or larger than the required dimension.  MOI's accuracy is very helpful in this regard.

These are just just a few samples of the kinds of things that can be created in Moment of Inspiration.  In the near future, we hope to create some tutorials specifically designed to introduce this wonderful program to new users and potential users.

NOTE:  I have no official link to Moment of Inspiration.  I am simply a user that appreciates what this 3D application can do for me.  

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